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4th Research Project of the EAPIL Young Research Network: Call for Participants

After the  completion of  three research projects, the chairs of the EAPIL Young Research Network (Tobias Lutzi, Ennio Piovesani and Dora Zgabrljić Rotar) are happy to announce the next endeavor.

The Network is ready to start working on the national rules of the Member States governing the recognition and enforcement of non-EU judgements in civil and commercial matters.

The aim of the project is to enable a comparison of the above-mentioned national rules, which, in turn, will allow a broader comparison between the latter rules and those of the 2019 Hague Judgments Convention.

The fourth project – like the previous and third one – will consist in the drafting of national reports, based on a questionnaire, by rapporteurs. Each national report will be expected to be roughly between 5,000 and 12,000 words (including footnotes). A first draft of the report will need to be sent to the heads of the project by the end of September 2023. Chairs are confident that the reports will be published (together with other materials) in a volume similar to the one from the third project.

Chairs are warmly inviting young researchers (see here for the notion) to provide a national report on the legal framework of the Member State they are based in (or which they are otherwise qualified to provide).

In particular, reports are currently requested from the following Member States: Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

If you are interested in providing a national report – with respect to the Member States listed above – chairs would be grateful if you could come back to them at by 21 May 2023.

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  1. Excellent initiative as always!

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