Welcome to EAPIL!

Our goals

An independent and non-partisan organisation, EAPIL, the European Association of Private International Law, was established in 2019 as a non-profit association under the law of Luxembourg. Its aim is to promote the study and development of private international law by fostering the cooperation of academics and practitioners in European countries and the exchange of information on the sources of the discipline, its scholarship and practice.
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Our activities

The Association intends to: (a) engage in, or endorse, research projects and scientific events and promote the dissemination of their outcome; (b) foster the exchange of information and experiences between the members of the Association as well as dialogue between academia, legal practice and the public at large; (c) cooperate, as an independent body, with national, European and international legislative bodies concerning the elaboration or the revision of texts in the field of private international law; (d) edit a scientific journal and publish reports and studies.
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Our events, in particular the EAPIL founding conference in Aarhus

The Association contemplates the organisation of a conference once every two years. The first of such conferences, actually the EAPIL founding conference, took place in Aarhus on 2, 3 and 4 June 2022. Other meetings will take place, organised or sponsored by the Association, between conferences.
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Our blog

The Association runs a blog. It hosts news and comments on the Association and on private international law, generally.

Our governance structure

The Association is managed by a General Assembly, which meets at least once every two years, a Scientific Council and a Board of Administration. The Board includes the President and Vice-President of the Association, as well as the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General and the Treasurer.
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Want to join EAPIL?

Membership in the European Association of Private International Law is opened to anybody – academic or practitioner – with an expertise, or an interest, in private international law, regardless of their nationality or residence.  Entities, such as research institutions and law firms, may be admitted as institutional members.
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More information? Get in touch with us!

You can write an email to secretary.general@eapil.org. Our postal address is: 4 Rue Alphonse Weicker – L-2721 Luxembourg.