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The Jurisdictional Rules of the Brussels I bis Regulation and Non-EU Domiciliaries

The issues surrounding the possible extension of the rules of jurisdiction in the Brussels I bis Regulation to non-EU domiciliaries will be discussed at a conference that will take place in Turin on 3 May 2023.

The topic formed the object of the third project of the EAPIL Young Research Network, which resulted in a collection of essays due to be published in the coming weeks by Bloosmbury. One of the purposes of the Turin conference is to present the results of that project.

Speakers include Marisa Attollino, Silvia Bortolotti, Raffaele Caterina, Stefano Dominelli, Pietro Franzina, Enrico Maggiora, Ennio Piovesani, Margherita Salvadori and Dora Zgrabljić Rotar.

The conference will be held mostly in Italian. Both on-site and on-line attendance are possible. Those wishing to attend remotely should write to Ennio Piovesani at

For further information see here.