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EAPIL Members: Don’t Forget to Pay Your Annual Fees!

Dear fellow Members of the European Association of Private International Law, have you paid your annual fees?

If you haven’t, please take a moment to do so! All you need to know in this respect can be found here.

We are aware that, in the past, some of you have had troubles paying their fees by credit card, through PayPal. While we renew our sincere apologies to all those affected, we are happy to report that the EAPIL PayPal form is up and running. It is available here.

Payment by bank transfer is also possible. Please refer to this page to learn about the relevant details.

Please remember that, according to the Statutes of the Association, membership is renewed automatically every year, unless terminated by the member concerned using this form.

Those who have failed to pay the fees due last year, may now do so by the same means indicated above. Just follow the procedure twice, if you pay by PayPal. If you prefer to proceed with a bank transfer, just make a transfer for the the entire amount due.

Invoices are issued for all payments.

If you need further information or require assistance, please refer to the Treasurer of the Association, Apostolos Anthimos, at