Annual fees

The amount of fees

Annual fees vary according to the type of membership: (a) ordinary members: 50 Euros; (b) associate members: 30 Euros; (c) institutional members: 200 Euros.

When are fees due?

The fees are due on 31 January every year. For newly admitted members, the payment is due by the end of the calendar month of admission.

Those who apply for membership in November or December are not required to pay the fees for the calendar year in which their application was made.

How to pay the fees

Members may pay their fees either through PayPal (please use this form) or by bank transfer.

Here are the details for those choosing the latter option: IBAN LU77 0019 5655 0244 8000; BIC BCEELULL; account holder: EAPIL ASBL (Association Européenne de Droit International Privé – Association sans but lucratif); bank: Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat, Luxembourg.


Invoices are issued for all payments. They are sent by e-mail.


For any queries relating to the payment of fees, please write an e-mail to the Treasurer of the Association, Apostolos Anthimos, at