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EU-FamPro Conference and Seminar

On 19 September 2022, within the framework of the EU-FamPro Project, a conference titled Couples’ Property with Cross-Border Implications: Uniting Academic Discussions and Practical Concerns will be held in Almeria, followed by a seminar on Practical Challenges in the Application of the Twin Regulations. Remote participation is also available.

The conference and the seminar are the two main parts of an event of the EU-FamPro (E-training on EU Family Property Regimes) Project, co-funded by the European Union and conducted by the University of Camerino (coord.), the Law Institute of Lithuania, the University of Almeria, the University of Ljubliana, and the Rijeka University.

The Conference will provide an international forum where the Partners of the Project illustrate the contribution of the E-learning experience to the dissemination and understanding of the recent EU regulations on matrimonial property and property of registered partnerships (Twin Regulations), while academics, policymakers, and practitioners exchange their views on the different roles of legal professionals applying EU family property law.

The Seminar will focus on specific and cross-cutting issues related to the application of the Twin Regulations. The presentations are planned to cover the application of the Twin Regulations in the different national experiences, especially with regard to jurisdictional rules, determination of applicable law and party autonomy. Specific attention will also be given to the interaction of property regulations and Regulation on Succession.

Further info on the event is available on the Project website and the event programme is available here.

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