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Podcasts Series on EU Civil Justice

The French Ministry of Justice has launched a series of podcasts titled Droit vers l’Europe, presenting key-aspects of EU Judicial Cooperation in civil and commercial matters (in French) for judges and legal practioners.

The objective is to improve their understanding of EU instruments of private international law and thus facilitate their application in cross-border cases.

The introduction of the series reads as follows:

You are a legal professional and you are confronted with a European problem in a family, civil or commercial case? “Droit vers l’Europe” gives you the keys to apply the instruments of EU judicial cooperation. In each episode, an expert sheds light on a specific issue. This podcast will enable you to develop the right practices in the implementation of EU regulations.

The main topics of the series include the following regulations: Brussels I bis Regulation; European order for payment; European account preservation order; Taking of evidence and Service of documents; Circulation of authentic instruments; Handling of international successions; Brussels II bis Regulation and its recast; Applicable law to matrimonial property regimes of international couples; Applicable law to divorce and legal separation; Recovery of maintenance claims; Access to legal aid in cross-border cases.

The initiative is co-funded by the EU.

More information is available here.

Marion is law professor at Artois University (France)

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