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French Conference on the Location of Damage in PIL

A conference on the location of damage in private international law will be held at Paris Cité University on 30 and 31 May 2022.

The conference is convened by Olivera Boskovic and Caroline Kleiner. Speakers include Laurence Idot, Ugljesa Grusic, Aline Tenenbaum, Dmitriy Galuschko, Etienne Farnoux, Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm, Ludovic Pailler, Symeon C. Symeonides, Tristan Azzi, Zhengxing Huo, Yuko Nishitani, Yves El Hage, Matthias Lehmann, Sandrine Clavel, François Mailhé, Cyril Nourissat, Sarah Laval, Maud Minois and Pascal de Vareilles-Sommières.

The conference is structured in two parts. The first will be dedicated to the location of damage in specific field of the law (competition law, financial law, personality rights, environment, etc.). The second will address general topics such as party autonomy or cyber torts

The full programme of the conference and details about location and registration can be found here.

2 comments on “French Conference on the Location of Damage in PIL

  1. Tobias Lutzi

    It’s a shame that unlike the damage in an ever-growing number of scenarios, this conference is undeniably located in a single member state only.

  2. Olivera Boskovic

    We are still not sure whether the conference will be a hybrid one. People who would like to attend online should write to

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