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EAPIL Young Research Network Project on the Recognition of Status – Reports Published

In 2019 in Würzburg a group of young researchers from several EU Member States met for a comparative Private International Law project and to create what later became the EAPIL Young Research Network.

The first project, initiated by Susanne Lilian Gössl (Germany) and  Martina Melcher (Austria), dealt with the national implementation of the CJEU/ECtHR case law regarding the so-called “recognition of status”.

The results, a comparative report and most of the national reports, of this project have now been published in the latest issue of the open-access journal Cuadernos de Derecho Transnacional.

The issue comes with national reports from Austria (Florian Heindler and Martina Melcher), Belgium (Sarah Den Haese), Baltic States (Katažyna Bogdzevič and Natalja Žitkevitš), Croatia (Tena Hoško), France (Marion Ho-Dac), Germany (Susanne Lilian Gössl), Hungary (Tamás Szabados), Italy (Marta Giacomini and Martina Vivirito Pellegrino), the Netherlands (Tess Bens and Mirella Peereboom-Van Drunick), Poland (Natalja Žitkevitš) and Spain (María Asunción Cebrián Salvat and Isabel Lorente Martínez)

A report from Sweden, by Laima Vaige, will be published in the forthcoming issue, in Autumn 2022.

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