In memoriam Peter Mankowski (1966-2022)

This memorial was contributed by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Magnus.

Recht & Steuern - FAZOn 10 February 2022 Peter Mankowski passed away, entirely unexpected at the age of only 55. The European community of scholars of Private Law and in particular Private International Law lost one of its most brilliant and productive minds. He leaves behind the almost unbelievable number of about 1500 publications, not few of them counting 1000 and more pages. Even his annotations on court decisions were frequently longer and more intensely documented than many ordinary articles. And his footnotes! He truly used the entire legal materials (legislation, decisions, scholarly works and articles) accessible in Europe and he did not do it for ‘ornamenting’ his considerations but really delved into the sources and brought to the surface what was helpful for the solution of the concrete legal problem.

To this end, his education at the Johanneum, the renowned Hamburg Gelehrtenschule, laid the foundation with Greek and Latin. His study in at the law faculty in Hamburg, the two states exams there, a longer stay in London added to his abilities. Shortly after his habilitation at the University of Osnabrück with Prof. Dr. Christian von Bar he got his first chair: In 2001 he became professor for civil law, comparative law and private international and procedural law at the University of Hamburg. All he needed to become an outstanding scholar he brought with him: besides an excellent knowledge of law and procedure and the language skills the bright mind, the curiosity for new and complicated problems, the creativity and ability to solve them, his unbelievable spirit and endurance to work hard. And besides that, he was a wonderful colleague and friend, with wit and a very good sense of humour but also with great empathy if others faced serious problems. He himself had to undergo a heart-transplantation in 2012 and in 2014 a transplantation of a kidney which his mother sacrificed. I never heard him ever complain about his health problems. Not only in this respect he was incredibly brave and fearless. Peter leaves behind his parents. So many will miss him so much.

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  1. Sixto A. Sánchez Lorenzo

    A great loss for the internationalprivatist community worldwide. RIP

  2. A very good friend, great colleague, inspiring soul, Peter Mankowski. An example to follow. Rest in peace.

  3. Philipp von Randow

    Many thanks for this heartfelt obituary. Peter Mankowski was passionate about what he did and it showed. His enthusiasm for all things „law“ was infectious and inspiring, and his intellectual curiosity to explore the map and meaning of legal rules was truly impressive. He was a scholar’s scholar.

    Peter Mankowski‘s relentless productivity was met with awe. So prolific and wide-ranging were his contributions that there was really no room for envy among his peers. He was a league of his own, and at the same time – with his unique sense of humor, with a charming smile, and – not to forget: with true compassion – he encouraged so many others to share his love for the law.

    It is hard to fathom that Peter Mankowski is no longer with us.

  4. Vielen Dank für diesen wundervollen und treffenden Nachruf.

  5. His work will continue to inspire us.
    Rest in peace.

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