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Cyberjustice, new Opportunities for the Judicial Officer

David Walker, Rapporteur of the 24th International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ) Congress, has edited the proceedings of the event. The book, published by Bruylant, is titled Cyberjustice, new Opportunities for the Judicial Officer and includes various contributions  (in English and French) dealing with Cyberjustice in line with the expectations of judicial officers. Many articles are dealing with international justice and enforcement (e.g. e-Codex, Hague Convention on Judgments, Service of documents Regulation…) under a digital perspective.

As explained in the foreword by Marc Schmitz, President of the UIHJ, the world is digitising and the current pandemic of COVID-19 even accelerates this process. The judicial officer must consider the digital evolution of justice not only as a challenge but as an opportunity. In particular digital enforcement and digital asset seizure will become common practice in the near future. In this context, there is a need to introduce rules on digital enforcement and seizure of digital assets. These rules need to be harmonised globally. Solutions at national level alone will not be sufficient. The digital world is cross-border. The UIHJ can be one of the pioneers and play a leading role in drafting position papers and making recommendations in the field of digitalisation of enforcement, such as a proposal for a World Code of Digital Enforcement.

The table of contents reads as follows:

Introduction by the President of UIHJ
Word of His Excellency Director General of Dubai Courts
Introduction by the General Reporter

Part I – Excellence and Innovation

Part II – New Technologies – Delivering Efficient Justice

Part III – New technologies and enforcement

Contributors include : Françoise Andrieux, Amna Al Owais, Massimiliano Blasone, Jackson Chen, Gary A. Crowe, Malone da Silva Cunha, Karolien Dockers, Sylvian Dorol, Robert W. Emerson, Luc Ferrand, Natalie Fricero, Patrick Gielen, Alex Irvine, Aída Kemelmajer de Carlucci, Martin Leyshon, Jorge Martinez Moya, Paula Meira Lourenço, Tereza Lungova, Orazio Melita, Yacob Mohamed Ahmed Abdullah, Jérôme Gérard Okemba Ngabondo, Luis Ortega, Guillaume Payan, Iva Peni, Neemias Ramos Freire, Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras Ballell, Dovilė Satkauskienė, Marc Schmitz, Risto Sepp, Rui Simao, Adrian Stoica, François Taillefer, Dimitrios Tsikrikas, Aranya Tongnumtago, Jos Uitdehaag, Sjef van Erp, Jona Van Leeuwen, Pimonrat Vattanahathai, Anna Veneziano, Elin Vilippus, David Walker, Vladimir Yarkov, Ning Zhao.

Full table of contents here and more information here.

Marion is law professor at Artois University (France)

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