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Webinar on Article 47 of the EU Charter and Effective Judicial Protection (Part II)

On 23 and 24 September 2021, the GLaw Research Network (Maastricht University) will host an “hybrid” workshop on Article 47 of the EU Charter and effective judicial protection: The National Courts’ perspective.

This will be the second part of a broader research on effective judicial protection in the EU legal order. The first part focused on the Court of Justice’s perspective and led to an online workshop last April (reported here). The second workshop will adopt a comparative law approach within the national legal orders of the EU Member States.

The principle of effective judicial protection is one of the cornerstones of the EU legal order. Mentioned by the Court of Justice for the first time in the 1980s, and originally emanating from Articles 6 and 13 ECHR, this principle had a pivotal role in ensuring access to adequate remedies to protect the rights deriving from Union law. Since its inception, this principle was linked also to the protection of the rule of law, one of the founding values of the EU. Effective judicial protection is therefore one of the facets of the EU constitutional identity. Following the entry into force of Lisbon Treaty, this principle has been constitutionalised in Article 19 TEU and Article 47 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, the latter laying down the right to an effective remedy and to a fair trial. Currently, Article 47 of the EU Charter is the most invoked EU Charter provision before national and EU courts.

The workshop will offer a comparative overview of the national case law applying Article 47 Charter and the principle of effective judicial protection. The speakers will collectively evaluate the systemic impact of Article 47, its interplay with other domestic and European provisions guaranteeing effective judicial protection, as well as the level of convergence (or divergence) in the national courts’ approaches.

The papers presented at the workshop will be included in the second volume of the book project ‘Article 47 of the EU Charter and effective judicial protection’ led by Mariolina Eliantonio, Giulia Gentile and Matteo Bonelli, all members of the GLaw-Net Research Network.

The full program is available here and registration is open here.

Marion is law professor at Artois University (France)

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