The EAPIL Blog: 500 Posts and Counting

The post you are reading is the 500th post of the blog of the European Association of Private International law since the blog was launched in November 2019.

How have things gone for the blog over this time? The statistics below provide some answers.

Blog Subscribers

The number of those who wish to be notified by e-mail of new new posts has steadily grown over the months. They currently exceed 540.


How many people come and visit us? The figure below shows the number of times a unique visitor has viewed the blog or any of its posts. To date, views exceed 170.000 in the aggregate.

Geo Stats

Where do our readers come from? The color gradation in the maps below shows the countries where blog visitors are based: the greener the country, the larger its share of the overal blog viewers.  



Top 10 – World Countries
Germany: 10,55%
Italy: 10,22%
Luxembourg: 9,66%
Netherlands: 7,86%
United Kingdom: 7,83%
France: 7,32%
Spain: 6,17%
United States: 4,56%
Belgium: 4,13%
Poland: 2,94%

Post Categories

Posts are grouped, according to their content, into different categories. The five categories with the most posts are, in order, scholarship, case law, normative texts, views and comments and conferences and academic events.


The aim of the EAPIL blog is not just to inform readers but also to foster debate on any issues relating to private international law, consistent with the goals of the Association. Readers’ comments are crucial to that. They are very welcome! So far, blog posts have received more than 230 comments.

The Most Commented Post

The post that has received the most comments is French Supreme Court Redefines Territoriality of Enforcement over Debts, by Gilles Cuniberti, published on 18 March 2021. It discussed two judgments delivered by the French Supreme Court for civil and criminal matters which extended the reach of French attachments to any claims owed to third parties established in France, irrespective of whether the third party had its headquarters in France or abroad, and irrespective of the situs of the debt. It attracted 14 comments.

Guest Posts

While most of the posts are written by the blog editors, the blog regularly hosts contributions by academics and practitioners form outside the team. So far, the blog has welcomed posts from specialists based in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Those willing to submit a guest post, are invited to write an e-mail to blog@eapil.org.

And don’t forget: the blog, and the Association generally, is active on social media too. So, join us also on Twitter (@eapilorg) and LinkedIn!

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