About the EAPIL blog

The blog of the European Association of Private International Law hosts news on the Association and on private international law, generally. 

While it aims primarily to report on developments relating to the private international law of the European Union and European States (whether member of the Union or not), it also aims at reporting on essential developments of private international law in other continents.

The editors of the blog welcome any news or information on European private international law (including European and national cases, legislation, publications or conferences) or on essential developments of private international law elsewhere. 

The editors also welcome commentaries/opinions on recent cases or legislation and reports in English on national cases or legislation available only in other languages.

The current editors of the blog are Apostolos Anthimos, Gilles Cuniberti, Pietro Franzina (managing editor), Ugljesa Grusic, Marion Ho-DacMatthias Lehmann, Martina Mantovani, Alina Ontanu, Marco Pasqua, Marta Requejo, Erik Sinander and Anna Wysocka-Bar. Marco Pasqua also serves as the blog’s (and the Association’s) social media manager.

To get in touch with the editors: blog@eapil.org.