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New Tripartite Legal Guide for International Commercial Contracts

A joint publication of the Secretariats of UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT and the HCCH, titled Legal Guide to Uniform Instruments in the Area of International Commercial Contracts, with a Focus on Sales, has just been released.

As explained on the HCCH website, the Legal Guide “offers an overview of the principal legislative texts prepared by each organisation, such as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the HCCH Principles on Choice of Law in International Commercial Contacts and the UNIDROIT Principles on International Commercial Contracts. It also illustrates how these texts interact to achieve the shared goals of predictability and flexibility. The Legal Guide will be a user-friendly resource for those interested in the adoption, application, and interpretation of uniform contract law.

Following the UNIDROIT website, “it aims at creating a roadmap to the existing uniform law texts in the area of international sales law prepared by each organization […]. It is an effort to clarify the relationship among them, promoting uniformity, certainty and clarity in this area of the law”.

A significant contribution towards the preparation of the Legal Guide is due to Professors Neil Cohen (USA), Lauro da Gama e Souza Jr (Brazil), Hiroo Sono (Japan), Pilar Perales Viscasillas (Spain) and Stefan Vogenauer (Germany).

The Legal Guide is available in English and will soon be released in other United Nations languages (as it is the case of the previous joint publication of the three organisations on Security Interests, 2012).

More information on the Legal Guide here (video announcement) and here (recording of the International Conference on the forthcoming Tripartite Legal Guide, 22 September 2020).

Marion is law professor at Artois University (France)

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