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New Issue of AJ Contrat (12/2020) on the CISG’s 40th Anniversary

The new issue of the AJ Contrat (12/2020) offers a series of articles (in French) compiled by Gustavo Cerqueira (University of Nîmes, France), concerning the CISG on the occasion of its 40th anniversary

The dossier contains the following articles:

The challenge of uniform interpretation, by Claude Witz (Saarland University) 

The CISG’s articulation with the European Union Law, by Cyril Nourissat (University of Lyon 3)

Back on the parties’ silence about the GISG’s application, by Gustavo Cerqueira (University of Nîmes) and Nicolas Nord (University of Strasbourg)

The Vienna Convention and the action directe: back on dangerous liaisons, by Etienne Farnoux (University of Strasbourg)

The links between the foreclosure period and the deadline prescription period (about CISG’s Article 39), by Marc Mignot (University of Strasbourg)

The issue of interest rates on arrears, by Franco Ferrari (New York University)

For a reinterpretation of the concept of impediment to perform, by Ludovic Pailler (University of Lyon 3)

The full table of contents is available here.

Marion is law professor at Artois University (France)

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