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Weller on the 2019 Hague Judgments Convention

Matthias Weller (University of Bonn) has posted The HCCH 2019 Judgments Convention: New Trends in Trust Management on SSRN.

The abstract reads:

On its 22nd Diplomatic Session on 2 July 2019, the Hague Conference on Private International Law concluded its Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil or Commercial Matters. The adoption of this Convention completes intense efforts of the HCC and the participating State Parties since 1992. One of the controversial issues in the last steps before the adoption was what has been called, in other contexts, “trust management”. This concept refers to the question how to embark on meaningful judicial cooperation in civil matters with participating states whose administration of justice is perceived as not sufficiently trust-worthy by other participating states – the “real elephant in the room”. At the same time, judicial integration in civil matters is an indispensable part of regulating transnational trade relations. Undoubtedly, international commercial arbitration should have the fullest possible freedom and support. However, without any effective alternative, there is no “alternative” dispute resolution and no “freedom of choice”. Rather, nations and regions, particularly those trading within frameworks of economic integration and thus on an intensified scale, should strive for an “integrated approach”. Against this background, the text explores new trends of trust management of the new HCCH instrument.

The article was published in the Festschrift für Herbert Kronke zum 70. Geburtstag.

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