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National, International, Transnational – Essays in Honour of Herbert Kronke

On the occasion of the 70th birthday of Herbert Kronke, pupils, friends, companions and colleagues got together to honor him with this commemorative publication.

As director of the Institute for Foreign and International Private and Business Law at the University of Heidelberg, as Secretary General of UNIDROIT, as a member of the German Council for International Private Law, as a judge at the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal and as chairman of the German Institution for Arbitration, Prof. Kronke has contributed to the development of cross-border private law in a very special way, creating like no other brigdes among national, international and transnational law

The contents of the book reflect the diverse areas of Prof. Kronke’s academic activity: international private and procedural law as well as international law; comparative law; commercial arbitration and investor-state dispute resolution; foreign and German private and commercial law.

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