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The Hague Academy Summer Course of 2024

The Hague Academy of International Law has made known the programme of the summer course of Private International Law of 2024.

The course will be opened by Lord Lawrence Collins of Mapesbury (Former Justice at the United Kingdom Supreme Court) with a lecture on Use and Abuse of Comity in International Litigation.

The general course, titled The Metamorphoses of Private International Law, will be given by Charalambos Pamboukis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens).

The special courses will be as follows: Jack Coe (Pepperdine Law School), Non-ICSID Convention Investor-State Awards in Domestic Courts; Andrew Dickinson (University of Oxford), Natural Justice in Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments; Carlos Esplugues (University of Valencia), New Dimensions in the Application of Foreign Law by Courts (and Arbitrators) and non-Judicial Authorities; Eva Lein (University of Lausanne), Breathing Space in International Contractual Disputes; Natalie Y. Morris-Sharma (Director at the Attorney-General’s Chambers Singapore), The Singapore Convention and the International Law of Mediation; Alessandra Zanobetti (University of Bologna), The Effects of Economic Sanctions and Counter-Measures on Private Legal Relationships.

The directors of studies will be Kubo Macák (University of Exeter) and Jacco Bomhoff (London School of Economics and Political Science) for the English-speaking section, Alain-Guy Tachou Sipowo (Université de Montréal) and Fabien Marchadier (University of Poitiers) for the French-speaking session.

All applicants are required to register online. A limited amount of scholarships is available. Registration period for full fee, scholarship, doctoral scholarship and Directed Studies applicants is between 1 November 2023 and 31 January 2024.

More information on the Academy’s programmes, including the upcoming Winter Course, may be found here.

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