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Bork on Cross-Border Insolvency Law

Edward Elgar Publishing has just published an Advanced Introduction to Cross-Border Insolvency Law, authored by Reinhard Bork (University of Hamburg).

The book is meant both for students who study company, commercial and private international law, and to practitioners who are not specialists of insolvency law. In its approach it provide both in-depth information for advance readers and accessible information for beginners and follows a comparative law approach to explore some of the most important issues of insolvency law.

The blurb of the book reads as follows:

The Advanced Introduction to Cross-Border Insolvency Law provides a clear and concise overview of cross-border insolvency law with particular focus on the rules governing insolvency proceedings that occur between and across countries. Increasingly, such proceedings have an international dimension, which may involve, for example, debtors with assets abroad, foreign creditors, contractual agreements with counterparties in different jurisdictions, or companies with offices or subsidiaries in a different country. The book expertly steers the reader through the complex interactions between national and supra-national rules, international model laws, and the principles that underpin them.

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