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French Committee Issues Report on Paris International Commercial Courts

The Legal High Committee for Financial Markets of Paris issued a report on the work of the international commercial chambers of Paris courts (Bilan du fonctionnement des chambres internationales du tribunal de commerce et de la cour d’appel de Paris) in March 2023.

The report discusses the competitive environment of the Paris international commercial courts, the resources of the courts, how they can be seized, and their procedural rules.

It concludes with 15 propositions for reform. They include:

  • Offering to the parties the power to agree on specialised judges assigned to other chambers (than the international commercial chamber) of the commercial court of Paris,
  • Reflecting on the possibility to appoint French and foreign lawyers to supplement the international chambers,
  • Introducing the possibility to hear private experts retained by the parties
  • Allowing the parties to agree on confidential proceedings in cases which could have gone to arbitration.
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