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Revue Critique de Droit International Privé – Issue 1 of 2023

The first issue of the Revue critique de droit international privé of 2023 is primarily dedicated to the Restatement Third of Conflict of Laws.

Restatement Third

Lea Brilmayer (Yale) starts the discussion with an article on The (Third) Restatement of Conflicts and “The Ordinary Processes of Statutory Construction”

One of the reporters of the Restatement, Kermitt Rooselvet III (UPenn), then offers a short response: Third Restatement and Method : A Response from Kermitt Roosevelt III.

Three articles follow on more specific topics: Maggie Mills, Statutes of limitation and the substance-procedure dichotomy: a missed opportunity; Sarah Quinn, How should a state choose when to apply foreign law? Comparing answers from the American Law Institute’s Third Restatement and Rome II in the European Union; Catherine Lee, A Cross-Border Maze: Remote Work, Employment Contracts, and the Draft Restatement (Third) of Conflict of Laws.

Other articles

The issues contains two other articles and a number of case notes.

In the first article, Christelle Chalas (University of Lille) offers a comparative analysis of protection measures of children wrongfully removed under the 1980 Hague Convention after the judgement of the U.S. Supreme Court in Golan v. Saada (Les mesures de protection de l’enfant illicitement déplacé et le risque grave de danger : comparaison de l’office des juges américains et européens).

In the second article, Baptiste Delmas (Paris I University) discusses the emergence of exequatur actions in transnational labour law.

The full table of contents can be found here.