It is becoming a tradition for the EAPIL blog to announce the publication of the PAX Moot. It is now just around two weeks that the case has been published for the students who are keen to take part in a yearly moot competition on Private International Law.

This time the Pax Moot Round is dedicated to the memory of Peter Nygh, a leading international lawyer, former judge of the Family Court of Australia, co-rapporteur on The Hague ‘judgment project’, and representative for Australia in the negotiations of the Convention on the Protection of Children.

The Peter Nygh Round of the competition will require participants to deal with the complexities of Private International Law in a global setting: European, African and American incorporated companies, Panamanian-flag vessel, and health injuries to employees from Philippines. The factual situation in the case is set around a series of international transactions and situations related to the refueling of a vessel in the port of Antwerp. The this, the insolvency procedure of one of the subsidiary companies involved in the arrangement of the refueling further complicates the situation of the parties.

The students participating in the 2023 PAX Moot are required to address matters of jurisdiction, the relevance of the insolvency proceedings for the pending claims, the possibility of appointing an expert to investigate factual situations in another country, and determining the applicable law.

Student teams from all over the world will be able to register for the competition from 2 November 2022. This can be done via an online form available here.

The moot comprises a written and an oral round. More information about the competition and its timetable are available here.

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