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Strategic Litigation – A New Phenomenon in Civil Litigation? – Max Planck Law Curriculum Course

Since the Millennium, public interest litigation has become a growing phenomenon in civil courts. Activists and NGOs are filing civil lawsuits, both domestic and cross-border, in order to promote societal and political shifts.

Typical examples are (business and) human rights claims, environmental claims, climate change litigation but also cartel damage claims. Targeted defendants react also developing litigation strategies, such as bringing the disputes to the general public through the media. A currently much discussed example are SLAPP, strategic lawsuits against public participation – libel lawsuits brought against journalists, media and other stakeholders of the civil society in order to deter them from making investigations.

On 8 April 2022, at 4 pm CET, a Max Planck Law curriculum course is taking place under the title Strategic Litigation – A New Phenomenon in Civil Litigation?, where Burkhard Hess (Director, MPI Luxembourg) will present strategic litigation on the basis of actual cases, and analyse the main features of this (not that new?) phenomenon. The class will primarily focus on civil actions but equally look at recent developments at constitutional and international courts, trying to assess whether and to what extent this type of dispute is transforming civil litigation as we know it.

Those wishing to attend are required to register here by 6 April 2022.

Legal Secretary CJEU Full Professor PIL University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) Senior research fellow MPI Luxembourg (on leave) Usual disclaimer applies

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  1. Nicolas Zambrana-Tevar

    Dear Prof. Requejo, is it possible to attend this lecture via Zoom? Thanks a lot. Nicolás Zambrana

    • Marta Requejo Isidro

      Thanks, Nicolás.
      It is indeed an on line session, upon registration.

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