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Grundmann and Grochowski on European Contract Law

Stefan Grundmann (Professor of Transnational Law and Theory at the European University Institute, Florence, and Professor of Private and Business Law at Humboldt-University, Berlin) and Mateusz Grochowshi (Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, and Fellow at the Information Society Project, Yale Law School) edited a book on European Contract Law and the Creation of Norms that was published with Intersentia in 2021.

The works contained in this volume sketch a broad landscape of sources of modern contract law, with a particular focus on European private law rules. With this the contributions seek to provide a better understanding of the identity of present-day contract law through an analysis of the multitude of social and economic dynamics that shape the normative landscape.

The blurb of the book reads as follows:

The book provides a broad and topical perspective of the sources of modern contract law. It examines the creation of contract law as a multi-pronged occurrence that involves diverse types of normative content and various actors. The book encompasses both a classical perspective on contract law as a state-created edifice and also delves into the setting of contractual rules by non-state actors. In so doing, the volume thoroughly analyses present-day developments to make sense of shifting attitudes towards the overall regulatory paradigm of contract law and those that reshape the classic view of the sources of contract law. The latter concerns, in particular, the digitalisation of markets and growing trends towards granularisation and personalisation of rules.

The book builds on the EU private law perspective as its primary point of reference. At the same time, its reach goes far beyond this domain to include in-depth analysis from the vantage points of general contract theory and comparative analysis. In so doing, it pays particular attention to theoretical foundations of sources of contract law and values that underpin them. By adopting such diversified perspectives, the book attempts to provide for a better understanding of the nature and functions of present-day contract law by capturing the multitude of social and economic dynamics that shape its normative landscape.

The volume gathers a unique and distinguished group of contributors from the EU, USA and Israel. They bring research experience from various areas of private law and contribute with diverse conceptual perspectives.

A summary of contents is available here.

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  1. Jacek Dybinski

    In response to “the book […] has just been published with Intersentia”, it is worth noting that the book has been published in March 2021, hence, just one year ago, which is not that difficult to notice as it is written on the website linked in the post.

    • Elena Alina Ontanu

      Thank you for this remark. It is indeed my miss and I will correct it. However, I hope this book can bring as much excitement and interest to other reads as it did to me when finding it (even if it is one year later).

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