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Funding Opportunities and Help for Scholars from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

The EAPIL Board has been closely monitoring the evolving situation in Ukraine during the past two weeks and established contact with the Ukrainian members of EAPIL. Some members have left the country, others are still in Ukraine. All are in need of support.

Several academic institutions in Europe offer funding or have established scholarships for refugee scholars and scientists. The funding is either available for refugee scholars from any country, for refugee scholars from Ukraine only, or for refugee scholars from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The EAPIL Board has collected information on those funding opportunities, which appear below. The list is certainly not complete. We, therefore, invite all readers of the blog to let us know if there are further funding opportunities not yet mentioned.

In addition, the EAPIL wishes to communicate that some members are looking for a way to finance their living through remunerated work. If you know of any opportunities (notably work that can be done remotely from Ukraine or other places) please let us know.

The list below is reproduced (and will be updated, as the case may be) here.

For all further details and information please get in touch with the Secretary General at

General Sources
  • Volkswagen Stiftung
    • Funding for refugee scholars and scientists from Ukraine
    • Nomination for Ukrainian scholars due March 18
  • LMU Munich
    • Emergency funding for Ukrainian researchers at LMU
Western / Central Europe
  • KU Leuven (Belgium)
    • KU Leuven is setting up a fund for the accommodation of Ukrainian students and researchers looking for shelter, or for necessary extensions of stay for those already at KU Leuven; contact:
  • University of Reading (UK)
    • Sanctuary scholarships for refugee scholars
Northern Europe
Eastern Europe
    • EU-funded, international scholarly network dedicated to research on resistance and dissent in former socialist countries
    • Emergency Funding for Ukrainian scholars
Further Resources

2 comments on “Funding Opportunities and Help for Scholars from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

  1. Viktor Soloviov

    There is no logic in this funding opportunities. In Ukraine 869 education institutions have suffered bombing and shelling, – and 83 of them have been destroyed completely. Why you provided an opportunities for russians and belorussians. 81 % of them support putin’s war – killing Ukrainians. Double standards are inappropriate!

  2. Dear Viktor,

    it will be for each funder to determine, on a case by case basis, whether individual applicants should benefit from the funding they offer.


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