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Junior Position to Work on European Project on Judicial Expertise

The European Expertise and Expert Institute (EEEI) is seeking to recruit a project assistant for a part time position to work on a European project of the EEEI, Find your Expert II (Findex II).

The Findex II project is funded by the European Commission and aims at establishing a common definition of experts and improve the identification and selection of experts at European level.

The project is based on the following statement: Although judicial experts play an indispensable role in civil and criminal justice, there is no common definition of “judicial expert” (also called “expert witness” or forensic expert) across Europe.  Court mostly rely on the result of the expertise when rendering their decision. It is of crucial importance for a fair justice in Europe that experts giving their opinion to courts meet basic professional principles such as competence, independence, impartiality, and integrity as well as a minimal level of professional standards.

Another essential aspect is the possibility for the court to select the “right” expert, i.e., the one that will be able to answer the court’s question on a given case quickly and efficiently.

In order to enhance and converge these aspects throughout Europe, EEEI and EuroExpert as both major European actors of expertise propose to work on: a common understanding of expertise and the use of experts in the judicial field; convergence of nomenclatures, i.e. the lists of expertise fields; requirements of a future IT-search tool for expert.

The job of the project assistant will consist in assisting the various actors of the project. The EEEI expects that candidates will be students at master level or higher.

More details on the job can be found here. More details on the project can be found here.

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