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French Textbooks on Private International Law

Two texbooks on French private international law were recently published in a new edition.

Prof. Bernard Haftel (University Sorbonne Paris Nord) is the author of a short text (375 p.) presenting concisely French private international law in the series Cours Dalloz. The book (and the series) are meant to offer a accessible yet complete treatment of the field. The book covers jurisdiction, foreign judgments and choice of law. It is divided in two parts: a general part and a special part presenting personal status, property, obligations and property aspects of family law (matimonial property regimes and succession).

For more details, see here.

Prof. Sandrine Clavel (University Paris Saclay) is a the author of a longer text (700 p.) also presenting French private international law in another series of the same publisher, Hypercours Cours & TD. It is designed to support students not only in the context of the lectures (Cours), but also in the context of the small classes associated with the lecture that they may choose to follow (Travaux dirigés, ‘TD‘). The book contains a comprehensive treatment of the field distinguishing between general theory of choice of law (Part I) and of international civil procedure (Part II) and rules applying more specifically to natural persons, family, legal persons, property, contracts and torts (Part III). But the book also contains numerous exercises and teaching tools meant to assist students, in particular in the context of travaux dirigés. These tools range from definitions, summaries of French and European leading cases and multiple choice questionnaires, to exams, including 26 with a full correction. The exams include case commentaries (an exercise very peculiar to French legal education), essays and practical exercises.

For more details, see here.

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