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Spanish Yearbook of International Law, Open Access in English

In the last decades, Spanish academia has seen a growing number of journals devoted, exclusively or not, to PIL issues. The editorial principles of them all have also quickly evolved and may are open access and downloadable from the very moment of publication, or only some months afterwards. Most of them follow a strict double-blind peer-review, almost all provide for a summary of the contributions in English, and some accept to publish in languages other than Spanish.

Cuadernos de Derecho Transnacional, of the University Carlos III of Madrid, has already a place in the EAPIL blog. In this and following entries I will present other relevant current Spanish PIL journals, starting with those belonging to the Asociación Española de Profesores de Derecho Internacional y Relaciones Internacionales (AEPDIRI): the Spanish Yearbook of International Law (SYbIL), the Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales (REEI) and the Revista Española de Derecho Internacional (REDI).

The SYbIL, founded in 1991, provides an annual report on new developments in international law. From 1991 to 2012 (vols. 1-17), the Yearbook was published by Martinus Nijhoff/Brill. From vol. 18 onwards, the Editor decided to go entirely on-line under a complete open-access philosophy. The contents of volumes 1-17 in PDF format have been kindly made freely accessible by Brill to all readers, thus all them can be freely downloaded too.

Since its first volume, the Yearbook has endeavoured to make a significant academic contribution to the on-going development of international law, with a particular focus on Spanish doctrine and practice. The SYbIL is the only publication edited by AEPDIRI completely written in English in order to reach the largest possible international audience. Its rules of governance have been adopted by AEPDIRI (a résumé may be found here, in Spanish).

In 2013, with the election of a new Editorial Board, a new editorial plan was adopted and the SYbIL changed its purpose, structure and editorial model. This new website tries to offer the contents of this new epoch of the Yearbook. This editorial decision will enable the Yearbook to be accessible to the entire international readership, offering current research in Spanish academic institutions but other research of what Oscar Schachter labelled as the “invisible college of international law” as well.

Fully aware of the paramount importance of international practice, the Spanish Yearbook publishes contributions from active practitioners of international law on a regular basis. The Yearbook also includes critical comments on Spanish State practice relating to international and EU law, as well as international reactions to that practice.

The last issue of the SYbIL can be access here. The next one will be published in January 2022. Contributions for each forthcoming issue need to be sent by July 31 of the previous year at the latest to following the editorial guidelines.

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