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Trooboff on Jurisdiction and Internet

Volume 415 of the Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law published with Brill is dedicated to Mr. Trooboff’s Hague Academy general course lectures on ‘Globalization, Personal Jurisdiction and the Internet’.

The author reviews how courts in the United States, the European Union and a number of countries such as Canada, Japan, India and Latin America have responded to the challenge of adapting settled principles and precedents to cases arising from Internet usage. Trooboff examines the recent U.S. Supreme Court cases addressing general and specific personal jurisdiction and how U.S. appellate courts have applied the Court’s holdings in disputes arising out of the use of the Internet in Chapter 2. Eleven decisions of the European Union Court of Justice and related scholarship that interpret the jurisdictional provisions of Brussels I Regulation and its successor in the context of Internet usage and that arise from tort and contract claims (including infringement of intellectual property and related rights) are discussed in Chapter 3. Similarly selected decisions and scholarship addressing analogous personal jurisdiction issues in decisions of courts of Canada, Japan, China, Latin America and India are analysed in Chapter 4. The last part of the volume – Chapter 5 – is dedicated to an overview of the important projects that incorporate the principles emerging from the many judicial decisions and that have been undertaken by Hague Conference on Private International Law, the American Law Institute, the European Max Planck Group on Conflict of Laws in Intellectual Property, the International Law Association and the International Law Institute.

Further details about the volume are available here.


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