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New Books on Luxembourg Private International Law

I am delighted to announce the publication of the last edition of the Code de droit international privé luxembourgeois. The main purpose of the book is to gather all the norms applicable in Luxembourg in the field (international conventions, European regulations and national legislation).

A new feature of the book is to include references to case law. Now that Luxembourg courts have made many of their judgments publicly available, it was possible to identify many cases which have applied the most important of these norms and offered interesting interpretations. The book also identifies interesting cases in those fields where the law is entirerly judge made, such as choice of law in filiation or matrimonial matters (for anybody married before the entry into force of the Matrimonial Regulations).

The code is a perfect companion to my treatise on Luxembourg private international law. The first volume, which is dedicated to choice of law in the fields of obligations, property and corporations, was published a year ago (Droit international privé luxembourgeois, vol. 1 : Conflits de lois – Théorie générale, Obligations, Biens, Sociétés).

The next volume will be dedicated to international litigation and arbitration in Luxembourg, and will hopefully be published soon after the Luxembourg parliament will pass a new law on arbitration.