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Revue Critique de Droit International Privé: Issue 2 of 2021

The new issue of the Revue Critique de Droit International Privé (2/2021) is out.

It contains eight articles and numerous case notes.

The editorial by Horatia Muir Watt (Sciences Po), Dominique Bureau (University of Paris II) and Sabine Corneloup (University of Paris II) will soon be available in English on the Dalloz website (Devoir de réserve ?), as well as the first four articles which all deal with the reserved share in successions (réserve héréditaire) from an international perspective*.

*This subject is highly topical at this moment in France since a draft bill on the compliance with the Republican principles (projet de loi confortant le respect des principes de la République) is being debating by members of the National Assembly as well as senators. It contains a provision (see article 13) aiming at protecting French heirs regarding assets located in France, against any foreign law applicable to the succession which would not provide for a reserved shared for children (see article 912 of the French Civil Code). During its first reading in April the Senate deleted the provision (see here and here). A new reading has started in July before the National Assembly. To be continued!

The articles in the special issue are as follows:

  • Une ultime (?) bataille de la réserve héréditaire, by Paul Lagarde
  • Quelques observations relatives à la réserve héréditaire dans le projet de loi confortant le respect des principes de la République, by Cécile Pérès
  • Contre le retour du droit de prélèvement en droit français : une vue de la pratique du droit international, by Diane Le Grand de Belleroche
  • Le prélèvement compensatoire du projet d’article 913 du code civil à l’épreuve des exigences européennes et constitutionnelles, by Suzel Ramaciotti
  • Droit de prélèvement, réserve héréditaire, protection des héritiers contre les discriminations, quelle méthode ?, by Natalie Joubert

The last three articles are dealing with various PIL issues.

In the first article, Christelle Chalas and Horatia Muir Watt discusse the corporate environmental responsibility from the perspective of international jurisdiction (Vers un régime de compétence adapté à la responsabilité environnementale des entreprises multinationales ? Point d’étape post-Brexit – Affaires Municipio de Mariana v. BHP plc & BHP group Ltd ; Okpabi and others v Royal Dutch Shell Plc and another).

The second article written by Vincent Richard presents the Recast Service Regulation (La refonte du règlement sur la notification des actes judiciaires et extrajudiciaires).

Regulation (EU) no 2020/1784, adopted on 25 november 2020, recasts Regulation (EC) no 1393/2007 on the service in the Member States of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil or commercial matters. Under the recast, transmitting agencies shall transfer documents to receiving agencies through a decentralised IT system such as e-CODEX. The recast also encourages electronic service to the addressee where the latter agrees. The reform creates new responsibilities for receiving agencies without correcting some of the Regulation’s shortcomings.

Finally, in the third article, Christine Budzikiewicz introduces the reform of international adoption law in Germany (La réforme du droit de l’adoption internationale en Allemagne).

The full table of contents is available here.

Marion is law professor at Artois University (France)