The European Group of Private International Law, also known as GEDIP (Groupe européen de droit international privé), has just launched a new website.

Created in 1991, GEDIP aims to study the interactions of private international law and European law in the broad sense. It is a place for the exchange of information and ideas for scientific and academic purposes, bringing together a small number of colleagues, mainly from Universities in various Member States of the European Union. The Group, chaired by Catherine Kessedjian, holds an annual three-day meeting at the invitation of a member.

The new website, which is bilingual (English and French), provides for easier and more comprehensive access to information regarding the Group’s activities, namely the documents adopted by the Group over the years and the papers drafted by individual members in preparation of the meetings.

Searches within the Group’s rich collection can be made by meeting and by topic.

The new website, like the previous one, also includes a list of acts and conventions (or projects) related to the European Union which include provisions of private international law.

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