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French Webinar on the Respective Roles of Courts and Parties in the Application of Choice of law Rule

On 17 May 2021 (from 5 to 7 pm CET), the French Supreme Court in civil and criminal matters (Cour de cassation) will host an online seminar (in French) on the respective roles of the court and the parties in the application of conflict-of-laws rules (L’office du juge et la règle de conflit de lois).

The chairmen are François Ancel (President of the International Commercial Chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal, ICCP-CA) and Gustavo Cerqueira (Professor at the University of Nîmes).

Speakers include Gian-Paolo Romano (Professor at the University of Geneva and co-director of the Yearbook of International Private Law), Nicolas Nord (Associate Professor at the University fo Strasbourg and Secretary General of the ICCS), Lukas Rass-Masson (Professor at the University of Toulouse 1, Director of the European school of law Toulouse) and François Mélin (Counsellor at the Paris Cour of Appeal).

The seminar will be streamed live on the website of the French Supreme Court (here).

It is part of a conference series dedicated to the office (role) of courts in different legal contexts and from a multidisciplinary approach.

Marion is law professor at Artois University (France)

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