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Second Edition of Hess’ European Civil Procedural Law

Burkhard Hess (Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg) has published the second edition of his treatise on European Civil Procedural Law (Europäisches Zivilprozessrecht).

The English abstract of the book reads:

The book explores the European law of civil procedure from a systematic and dogmatic perspective by comprehensively assessing and providing a detailed explanation of all the instruments adopted in this area of the law. Based on the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the book expounds on the legislative powers of the European Union (EU), the different regulatory levels of European procedural law, its underlying concepts and legislative techniques. Against this background, it addresses the interfaces of the European law of civil procedure with the civil procedures of the EU Member States and the judicial cooperation with third States. 

This treatise also focusses on latest developments such as the protection the independence of the judiciary and of the rule of law in the Member States of the EU. Moreover, it tackles alternative dispute resolution and arbitration, as well as the latest policy of the European Commission in the digitization of national justice systems. To further contextualize the development of the European law of civil procedure, it also provides the reader with a thorough understanding of preliminary reference procedures before the CJEU. In its final chapter, it addresses the current policy debate towards a European code of civil procedure.

This reference book is an essential reading for academics, regulators, and practitioners seeking reliable and comprehensive information about the European law of civil procedure. It also addresses trainee lawyers and students interested in cross-border litigation and dispute resolution, as well as those who wish to specialize in European business law.

More information is available here.

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