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Cross-Border Enforcement in Europe: National and International Perspectives

Cross-Border Enforcement in Europe: National and International Perspectives

Vesna Rijavec, Katja Drnovsek, C.H. van Rhee have edited Cross-border enforcement in Europe: national and international perspectives, published by Intersentia.

The volume addresses the enforcement of judgments and other authentic instruments in a European cross-border context, as well as enforcement in a selection of national European jurisdictions. The volume is divided into two parts. Part I on ‘Cross-border Enforcement in Europe’ opens with a contribution comparing the European approach in Brussels I Recast with the US experience of enforcement in the context of judicial federalism. This is followed by two contributions concentrating on aspects of Brussels I Recast, specifically the abolition of exequatur and the grounds for refusal of foreign judgments (public order and conflicting decisions). The two concluding texts in this part deal with the cross-border enforcement of notarial deeds and the sister regulation of Brussels I Recast, Brussels II bis (jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in matrimonial matters and the matters of parental responsibility). Part II is devoted to aspects of (cross-border) enforcement in a selection of European states (Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Slovenia and the Republic of North Macedonia). The topics discussed include the authorities entrusted with enforcement, judicial assistance and the national rules relevant from the perspective of Brussels I Recast. 

The book’s table of contents can be found here. See here for further information.


Marion is law professor at Artois University (France)