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Chukwuma Okoli on Place of Performance

Place of Performance – A Comparative Analysis is the title of a book authored by Chukwuma Samuel Adesina Okoli. It recently appeared in the Studies in Private International Law series of Hart Publishing.

The blurb reads:

This book provides an unprecedented analysis on the place of performance. The central theme is that the place of performance is of considerable significance as a connecting factor in international commercial contracts. This book challenges and questions the approach of the European legislator for not explicitly giving special significance to the place of performance in determining the applicable law in the absence of choice for commercial contracts. It also contains, inter alia, an analogy to matters of foreign country mandatory rules, and the coherence between jurisdiction and choice of law. It concludes by proposing a revised Article 4 of Rome I Regulation, which could be used as an international solution by legislators, judges, arbitrators and other stakeholders who wish to reform their choice of law rules.

The table of contents and more information are available here.

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