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Call for Papers: Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technologies and Private International Law

The University of Lausanne (LL.M. Programme in International Business Law and CEDIDAC), along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Connection Science Lab and the AI Transparency Institute are inviting abstracts on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Dispute Resolution, or Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and Private International Law (PIL).

Papers of interest on AI and Dispute Resolution might discuss: the impact of AI on decision-making; the impact of AI on access to justice; transparency of arbitral data; control over arbitral data; potential risks to confidentiality in view of AI; personal data protection in arbitration; and, AI and arbitral uncertainty.

Papers of interest on DLT & PIL might discuss: the law applicable to crypto assets; the law applicable to transfers on a blockchain; the law applicable to transfers outside a blockchain; the law applicable to smart contracts; the law applicable to decentralised autonomous organisations; and, jurisdiction and choice of court.

The latter list of topics follows the headings listed in Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, Prel. Doc. 28 of February 2020, Proposal for the Allocation of Resources to Follow Private International Law Implications relating to Developments in the Field of Distributed Ledger Technology, in particular in relation to Financial Technology.

Deadline for papers: 1 February 2021.

More information here.

Marion is law professor at Artois University (France)

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