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Dodge on Jurisdiction in the Restatement (Fourth) of US Foreign Relation Law

William S. Dodge has posted Jurisdiction, State Immunity, and Judgments in the Restatement (Fourth) of US Foreign Relation Law on SSRN. The paper features in the latest issue (vol. 19, issue 1) of the Chinese Journal of International Law.

The abstract reads:

In 2018, the American Law Institute published the Restatement (Fourth) of Foreign Relations Law, which restates the law of the United States governing jurisdiction, state immunity, and judgments. These issues arise with great frequency in international cases brought in US courts, including cases involving Chinese parties. This article provides an overview of many of the key provisions of the Restatement (Fourth). The article describes the Restatement (Fourth)’s treatment of the customary international law of jurisdiction, as well the rules of US domestic law based on international comity that US courts apply when deciding international cases.

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