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Clawback Law in the Context of Succession

Jayne Holliday has written Clawback Law in the Context of Succession. The book is part of the Studies in Private International Law series published by Hart Publishing.

The blurb reads:

This book offers a global solution for determining the law applicable to a claim to clawback an inter vivos gift from a third party within the context of a succession. The book aims to identify an appropriate and applicable legal framework which supports legal certainty for cross-border estate planning and protects the legitimate expectations of the relevant parties. This is an area of private international law that has yet to be handled satisfactorily – as can be seen by the inadequate treatment of clawback from third parties in the 1989 Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Succession to the Estates of Deceased Persons, and the 2012 EU Succession Regulation.

More information here.

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