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Educational Innovation and Private International Law

A collection of essays titled Innovación Docente y Derecho internacional privado (Educational innovation and private international law) has recently been published by Comares. The editors are María Asunción Cebrián Salvat and Isabel Lorente Martínez (University of Murcia).

The abstract reads as follows.

Now more than ever, and particularly in an European context, private international law has a great impact on the professional life of law students, no matter the path that they choose. This book collects from a very practical perspective the contributions in educational innovation of several professors and lecturers of private international law. Through the successive chapters, the work shows some tools which are useful to face the challenge of adapting both this subject and the way of teaching it to the new demands of the 21st century law market. This market requires highly specialized professionals, capable of mastering new technologies and of applying them to the field of Law. In the different chapters of this work you can find the experiences of these professors, their proposals for adapting the content of the subject to suit the European Higher Education Area and their suggestive innovative methodologies (legal clinics, film viewing, use of the case method, use of legal dictionaries, debate, online forums…). These experiences have been tested in Spanish Law Faculties, but can be similarly applied in other European countries where private international law or international litigation are taught.

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