Developments in PIL Law teaching

Lundstedt and Sinander on Enhancing Critical Thinking in PIL

Lawteacher Lydia Lundstedt and Erik Sinander (both  Stockholm University) have published Enhancing Critical Thinking in Private International Law in The Law Teacher.

The abstract reads:

This article describes and evaluates the reforms that the authors (as course managers) introduced to enhance critical thinking in the compulsory course on private international law in the Master of Laws programme at Stockholm University. The reforms were made in response to a decision by the Stockholm University Law Faculty Board to develop the “Stockholm Model” in an effort to strengthen students’ critical and scientific approach to law. The Stockholm Model aims to place law in a broader context so students can understand its relation to and impact on society. It also shifts the focus from an orthodox teaching of the doctrinal subject areas to facilitating the students’ ability to apply legal and other social science methods to analyse and develop the law. The article evaluates the success of the measures and reflects on what more can be done to improve critical thinking.

The article can be read here.