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Fifth Meeting of the HCCH Working Group on Jurisdiction

The Working Group charged by the Hague Conference on Private International Law with advancing the Jurisdiction Project met in Buenos Aires from 18 to 22 September 2023. This was the fifth meeting of the Working Group since its establishment, in 2021.

The Jurisdiction Project builds on the conclusion of the 2019 Judgments Convention and explore the possibility of drafting a harmonised set of rules dealing with jurisdiction and parallel proceedings.

In establishing the Group, the Council on General Affairs and Policy of the Conference tasked it to proceed, in an inclusive and holistic manner, with an initial focus on developing binding rules for parallel proceedings and related actions, while acknowledging the primary role of both jurisdictional rules and the doctrine of forum non conveniens, notwithstanding other possible factors, in developing such rules.

No detailed report of the recent Buenos Aires meeting was publicly available at this stage at the time of writing this post. As stated in the news section of the website of the Hague Conference, the Working Group “made further progress on the development of draft provisions on parallel proceedings and related actions or claims”.

The detailed reports of previous meetings, with the draft texts resulting therefrom, can be found here (February 2022) and here (February 2023).

The sixth meeting of the Working Group will take place in January 2024. The Group will then report on the progress of its work to the Council on General Affairs and Policy. The Council is expected to address the topic (and decide about the next steps) at its next meeting, in March 2024.

Those interested in the Project may refer to the scholarly works listed in the useful bibliography prepared by the Permanent Bureau of the Conference.

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