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Oyarzábal on the Influence of Public upon Private International Law

The recently published Volume 428 of the Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law includes a course by Mario J. A. Oyarzábal (Argentine Ambassador to the Netherlands, Member of the United Nations International Law Commission, Professor at the University of La Plata Law School) on The Influence of Public International Law upon Private International Law in History and Theory and in the Formation and Application of the Law.

This course explores the influence of public international law upon private international law, in the history and the theory as well as in the formation and the application of the law. It focuses on the biggest transformations that have taken place on the international plane over the course of the last century and assesses how that has affected the legal landscape, raising questions as to the scope and the potential of private international law and the suitability of the traditional sources of international law to address the role of private actors and the incursion of public law in the private arena. Examples are drawn from the areas of jurisdictional immunities and their impact on the right of access to justice, mutual legal assistance, sovereign debt restructuring, child protection, sports, arts law, cyberspace, and issues related to law of the sea and climate change. This course takes a pragmatic problem-solving approach, which nonetheless is systemic and based on principles, and argues that while public and private international law are and should be kept as separate legal fields, both are needed to address an increasing number of issues.

Further details about this course are available here.

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