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Commentary on the Recast European Service Regulation

Apostolos Anthimos and Marta Requejo Isidro are the editors of The European Service Regulation – A Commentary, on Regulation (EU) No 2020/1784. The book has just been published by Edward Elgar in its Commentaries in Private International Law series.

Presenting a systematic article-by-article commentary on the European Service Regulation (recast), and written by renowned experts from several EU Member States, this book gives balanced and informed guidance for the proper operation of judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters within the EU in the field of cross-border service of documents.

First setting out the origins and evolution of the Regulation, the Commentary proceeds to analyse in forensic detail the relevant case law of both the European Court of Justice and national courts on cross-border service. It moreover points the reader to the pertinent legal scholarship from various EU jurisdictions, and provides a pathway for solving practical problems surrounding the service of documents between Member States of the European Union in civil and commercial proceedings.

Key Features: systematic article-by-article analysis facilitates navigation and reference; integration of the relevant case law ensures a rounded interpretation of the Regulation; practical approach provides tangible guidance for complex cross-border proceedings; renowned team of contributors offer clarity and insight.

Thanks to its in-depth but also practical analysis of each provision of the Regulation, the Commentary will be a valuable resource for judges, scholars and students of European procedural law, as well as for practitioners involved in cross-border civil and commercial litigation.

Contributors include Apostolos Anthimos, Gilles Cuniberti, Stefano Dominelli, Pietro Franzina, Burkhard Hess, Alexandros Ioannis Kargopoulos, Christian Koller, Kevin Labner, Elena Alina Onţanu, Marta Requejo Isidro, Vincent Richard, Andreas Stein, Michael Stürner.

Further information are available here.

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