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Free Scandinavian Online Law Library Projects

Two relatively new Scandinavian free online law library projects ease the accessibility of older legal writings, which opens new possibilities for researchers. First, the Danish law library project jurabog was launched. Being inspired by that, the similar Swedish project followed. The two projects are both free and their respective focus are to collect older legal writings and make them available online.

Whereas the Danish project aims at collecting Danish legal writing, the Swedish project collects Swedish legal writings. The collections are general, but content several books on private international law. Even if most of them are in either Danish or Swedish, one can find private international law books written in English.

On the Danish website, one can for instance find Ole Lando’s General Course of 1985 for the Hague Academy (Recueil des Cours) which had the title The Conflict of Laws of Contracts – General Principles. Also, the general course in the same series from 1958 on The Scandinavian Conventions on Private International Law by Allan Philip is found on the website.

The Swedish library contains e.g. Michael Bogdan’s dissertation Expropriation in Private International Law (1975) as well as Stig Strömholm’s dissertation Torts in the conflict of laws (1961).

In the contemporary digital reality, the free Scandinavian law library projects seem to be pioneering by offering an alternative to the paywalls that often delay and hinder research.

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