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The Transformation of Arbitration by Blockchain Metaverse and Web3

On 26 May 2023 the Center for the Future of Dispute Resolution (Ghent Univeristy) in collaboration with leading organizations, including ArbTech,, Cepani, Cepani40 CyberArb, MetaverseLegal, and UNCITRAL will bring together leading voices in technology and dispute resolution to discuss how blockchain, the metaverse and Web3 affects and will transform arbitration

The conference proposes five panels that will debate the impact of the blockchain, the metaverse and Web3 technologies on the fundamentals of arbitration and explore how arbitration practitioners and arbitration institutions have to adjust to stay relevant.

The blockchain, the Metaverse, and Web3 have become part of the conversation in the arbitration community, but few understand their true significance and potential impact. That is why this conference aims to explore how these technologies will transform arbitration and how practitioners and institutions can adapt to stay relevant.

The questions to be addressed are:

  • Blockchain: what is it and (why) should the arbitration community care?
  • Metaverse: what is it and (why) should the arbitration community care?
  • Bringing down the house: How a new architecture (may) affect the fundamentals of arbitration
  • A role and place for lawyers: Is the legal market prepared for this new dispute resolution constellation?
  • Arbitration institutions in an era of decentralized spaces: on the cutting edge (or falling off)?

Additionally, UNCITRAL will present its insights and work in the area of blockchain and arbitration.

The list of confirmed speakers includes Mihaela Apostel, Pedro Arcoverde, Elizabeth Chan, Paul Cohen, Dirk De Meulemeester, David Earnest, Elizabeth Zoe Everson, Anna Guillard Sazhko, Wendy Gonzales, Emily Hay, Cemre Kadioglu Kumptepe, Crenguta Leaua, Matthias Lehman, Niamh Leinwather, Aija Lejniece, Maud Piers, Colin Rule, Sean McCarthy, Sophie Nappert, Ekaterina Oger Grivnova, Pietro Ortolani, Amy Schmitz, Takashi Takashima, David Tebel, Leandro Toscano, and Dirk Van Gerven.

The conference will take place at Ghent University (Belgium). Additional details related to the event and the speakers can be found here.

For registration, information can be found here.