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Freezing Injunctions in Private International Law

Filip Šaranović (Queen Mary University of London) is the author of Freezing Injunctions in Private International Law, recently published by Cambridge University Press.

The blurb reads:

The extent of available pre-judgment asset preservation relief is widely regarded as a unique characteristic of English law and one of the key factors attracting international commercial litigation to the English courts. By taking a novel view of the theoretical foundations of a freezing injunction, this book challenges the long-established view that such an injunction is an in personam form of relief whose sole purpose is to prevent unscrupulous defendants from making themselves judgment-proof. Dr Šaranović combines historical and comparative perspectives to identify several theoretical flaws in the court’s jurisdiction to grant this popular form of interim relief. The book demonstrates that the current application of private international law rules in this field leads to inequality among litigants and illegitimate encroachment upon the sovereignty of foreign states. It proposes a range of possible solutions to alleviate concerns about the scope of freezing injunctions both in the domestic and international arena.

Further information available here.

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