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Essays in Honour of Haimo Schack

A collection of essays in honour of Haimo Schack (Ius Vivum: Kunst – Internationales – Persönlichkeit: Festschrift für Haimo Schack zum 70. Geburtstag) has just been published by Mohr Siebeck, edited by Sebastian Kubis, Karl-Nikolaus Peifer, Benjamin Raue and Malte Stieper.

The book brings together more than ninety contributions, mostly in German, grouped under six headings: art law and the law of culture; intellectual property law; private international law; international civil procedure; the law of personality; civil law, civil procedure and comparative law.

The section devoted to private international law features essays by Christine Budzikiewicz, Morten M. Fogt, Susanne Gössl, Jan von Hein, Christian Heinze, Peter Huber, Claudia Mayer, Joachim Münch, Dennis Solomon and Astrid Stadler.

The international civil procedure section comes with essays by Jürgen Basedow, Dagmar Coester-Waltjen, Gilles Cuniberti, Masahisa Deguchi, Tanja Domej, Anatol Dutta, Martin Gebauer, Reinhold Geimer, Wolfgang Hau, Peter Hay, Burkhard Hess, Jan Felix Hoffmann, Abbo Junker, Eva-Maria Kieninger, Christian Kohler, Herbert Kronke, Sebastian Kubis, Stefan Leible, Felix M. Wilke, Dieter Leipold, Luís de Lima Pinheiro, Volker Lipp, Mark Makowsky, the late Peter Mankowski, Peter G. Mayr, Pedro A. De Miguel Asensio, Thomas Pfeiffer, Oliver Remien, Herbert Roth, Rolf A. Schütze, Michael Stürner, Rolf Stürner, Christoph Thole, Dimitrios Tsikrikas, Rolf Wagner and Markus Würdinger.

Issues related to private international law and international litigation are also dealt with in contributions found in other sections.

The full table of contents is available here.