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EU Cross-Border Succession Law

Stefania Bariatti (University of Milan), Ilaria Viarengo (University of Milan) and Francesca C. Villata (University of Milan) edited a book titled EU Cross-Border Succession Law with Edward Elgar Publishing, part of the Elgar European Law and Practice series.

The book provides an overall assessment of EU cross-border succession law. It consists of seven parts dealing with: the scope of application of the EU Succession Regulation; the determination of the applicable law under the EU Succession Regulation; the determination of the jurisdiction under the EU Succession Regulation; the recognition and enforcement of judgments and other instruments under the EU Succession Regulation; the European certificate of succession; cross-border successions and taxation; the impact of the EU Succession Regulation on the national laws on cross-border succession.

Contributors include Stefania Bariatti, Paul Beaumont, Alegría Borrás, Isidoro Calvo Vidal, Zeno Crespi Reghizzi, Stefano Dominelli, Andrew Godfrey, Elise Goossens, Michael Graham, Jayne Holliday, Peter Kindler, Michael Kränzle, Richard Frimston, Luigi Fumagalli, Carlo Alberto Marcoz, Cristina M. Mariottini, Daniele Muritano, Cyril Nourissat, Raul-Angelo Papotti, David Paulus, Giulio Peroni, Francesco Pesce, Lorenzo Prats Albentosa, Ilaria Queirolo, Anna Reis, Gian Paolo Romano, Giulia Vallar, Sonia Velasco, Ilaria Viarengo, Francesca C. Villata.

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